Interviewing Vulnerable & Intimidated Witnesses


(1 week Residential)

Many witnesses experience stress and fear during the investigation of a crime and when attending court and giving evidence. Stress can affect the quantity and quality of communication with, and by, witnesses of all ages. Some witnesses may have particular difficulties attending court and giving evidence due to their age, personal circumstances, fear of intimidation or because of their particular needs. In such circumstances, where witnesses are considered to be vulnerable or intimidated, “special measures” can improve the quality of their experience by helping them to give their “best evidence”.

Course Aims

  • A working knowledge of the list of legal definitions of vulnerability or intimidated witnesses
  • Identify the special measures, which can be made available to vulnerable or intimidated witnesses.
  • Recognise quality of service, equality of opportunity and community, cultural and race relations’ issues with regard to the vulnerable and intimidated witnesses

This course is run by the Centre for Study of Organised Crime which has a broad range of continuing professional development (CPD) short courses. These are accredited by University of Buckingham in the form of certificate of attendance.


  • Courtroom setup to put Vulnerable and intimidated witnesses (VIWs) at ease to explore Evidence in Chief.
  • Special Measures to be implemented with Follow-up Action as Witness Support.
  •  The Identification of VIWs
  • Have a working knowledge through Practical Workshops of how the Criminal Justice System is set up to support VIWs
  • The identification of VIWs to be used in the Legal Process.

Who This Course is for

This course is ideal for Police officers, local government officers and all types of investigators.  For example, local government officers would greatly benefit from this type of awareness training.  It will assist practitioner investigators to identify and profile witnesses early and develop individual interviewing skills.


Course Team

Professor David M J Graves

David M J Graves

Managing Director

Gerald Doyle

Director of Financial Pathways

Dr. Chris Allen

Senior Police Practice Tutor

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