About Us


We offer high-quality Higher Education programs that integrate general education, professional skills, and career–focused education to empower students to develop and achieve their personal and career potential. Our courses are delivered 100% online and by Blended learning through our network of global study centers and from our impressive London campus.

KINGSLEY has a variety of partnerships with several higher educational institutions and professional bodies. Our course modules are designed in a unique way to ensure they are professional and practical, as well as academic. We welcome students at different stages of life: pursuing their first undergraduate academic degree, returning to Higher Education, or exploring a new career path. Whatever your goals, you can expect a collaborative, challenging learning experience, which is flexible and customizable online learning.

We welcome students from all backgrounds and nurture a supportive, inclusive environment, and positive culture.

Streamlined Admission

We offer a simplified, hassle-free admission process. Apply with ease, then focus on what’s important: your education. On our admission info page, you can find info on:

  • Flexible start dates
  • Personalized support from friendly, knowledgeable advisors
  • Tuition and financial aid opportunities

The future is yours, but you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to provide support and guidance with a host of tools, resources, tuition information, and student advisors to help you succeed from application through graduation — and beyond.


The greatest desire of KINGSLEY is to provide inspirational education and training, within an inclusive and welcoming environment whilst meeting the needs of students and the wider community.

It is a significant educational opportunity, provided in a time frame, and through a process, designed to open the door to higher education to students.

Our Mission, Vision & Commitment

Kingsley Mission

We want to become a global leading brand in Higher Education providing quality British and European Qualifications. A brand that is synonymous with quality education. This will mean us raising the education standards in whichever country we have a presence by utilizing our global reach and strong local understanding of each country's education system and student profiles.

Kingsley Commitment

Our Global Learners are firmly committed to promoting students not only to succeed in their studies, but also to provide them with high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate education, training, soft and job-oriented skills development, intuitive, critical thinking, and application: diverse learning styles, and affordable education for all gifted and deserving students.

Kingsley Vision

We’re tech-forward and future-focused. To be acknowledged for our commitment to student success, our raising the higher education standard, our global reach, and our strong local impact. We want all our Alumni students to be proud to be associated with the Kingsley Business School and develop and nurture the “leaders of tomorrow” and successful and responsible citizens.

Equality And Diversity

We at KINGSLEY are committed to the principles of equality and diversity and recognize that education and training are a right for all. Equal access and equal opportunities for both learners and staff and the promotion of diversity are supported by the quality improvement process.

Equality and diversity issues are addressed in each qualification and service area self-evaluation document, in the monitoring of learner performance and satisfaction, and in performance reviews.

The aspects of equality and diversity are discussed in the meetings, at least terminally, to receive and monitor equality and diversity data and associated targets and to ensure that any issues are addressed and monitored through the School Quality Improvement Plan. Further information is available in the policy for the relevant purpose.