Global Economic Crime – Terrorist Financing


This course addresses the global problem of economic crime, money laundering and transnational fraud, because without such awareness it would be easy to lose hope.  It is hard enough to ensure effective law enforcement in domestic jurisdiction.  It seems almost impossible to expect law enforcement agencies and state machinery to succeed when the challenge comes from outside the country.  Lawyers and practitioners usually think in jurisdictional terms.  Therefore, this course covers methods that tackle the manageable problems that are local but at the same time to allow practitioners to develop their skills to confront the elusive criminal who manipulates cyberspace or who pulls levers from every shifting overseas base.

Course Aims

The course aims to equip lawyers and practitioners with the skills to think beyond jurisdictional boundaries and tackle both local and transnational criminal activities. It covers methods for managing local issues while also developing the ability to confront elusive criminals who manipulate cyberspace and operate from shifting overseas bases.

This course is run by the Centre for Study of Organised Crime which has a broad range of continuing professional development (CPD) short courses. These are accredited by University of Buckingham in the form of certificate of attendance.


  • Understanding the complex world of money laundering
  • Recognise its impact on the world economy
  • Understanding the significant implications of adopting IFRS standards of financial irregularity reporting
  • Monitoring internal procedures to eliminate fraudulent financial attacks
  • To understand how to take advantage of a Multi-Agency approach to financial investigation.
  • Understanding the benefits of information sharing within investigation constraints.
  • Have an awareness of case management and accountability of investigative action.

Who This Course is for

This course is suitable for decision-makers of all public and private sector managers especially accountants, auditors, financial investigators, and members of law enforcement agencies and those involved in compliance, due diligence, and prevention.


Course Team

Professor David M J Graves

David M J Graves

Managing Director

Gerald Doyle

Director of Financial Pathways

Dr. Chris Allen

Senior Police Practice Tutor

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