Evidence Gathering & Interviewing Skills


This course is designed at two levels.  Firstly, covering general awareness issues to interviewing and its associated skills required to undertake these functions.  Secondly, a more in depth understanding of the subject for the working practitioner. 

Course Aims

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This course is run by the Centre for Study of Organised Crime which has a broad range of continuing professional development (CPD) short courses. These are accredited by University of Buckingham in the form of certificate of attendance.


  • Understand laws of Evidence & Legislation and sources of Law
  • Demonstrate interviewing techniques in order to secure relevant evidence
  • Gather and disclose evidence
  • Duties of 1st and 2nd interviewer
  • Understand Human Rights issues
  • Apply cognitive interviewing techniques as developed in America by Edward Geiselman and Ronald Fisher in 1985
  • Practice Listening Skills, Stages 1 – 4
  • Practice non-verbal communication – theory and practice
  • Tape records an interview
  • Provide insight into forensic accounting and investigative techniques to seek out and quantify evidence
  • Taking Statements
  • Demonstrate how IT assisted techniques can be used to access and analyse data
  • Allocate responsibilities to strategic members of staff for the overall management of interviewing
  • Understand how to respond to events and the options open for criminal, civil recovery etc and the requirement of evidence management in support of a criminal case.
  • Tape recording of interview aligned with evidence continuity

Who This Course is for

It is suitable for internal and external auditors, forensic accountants, financial investigators, members of the police service and other law enforcement agencies and those involved in compliance due diligence and crime prevention activities.


Course Team

Professor David M J Graves

David M J Graves

Managing Director

Gerald Doyle

Director of Financial Pathways

Dr. Chris Allen

Senior Police Practice Tutor

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