Access To Higher Education

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Overview Of The Course

If you have ambitions of becoming a nurse, a teacher, a midwife, an engineer, or another high-level profession, you will likely need a degree to achieve your goals. Students will study combine theoretical perspectives with current industry practice, which enables them to develop their understanding of the relevant theories and knowledge and gain essential skills, which are necessary for the future access to Higher Education.

The course will cover fundamental issues in business from theoretical and practical perspective and give an opportunity to students to gain essential skills of the business such as critical thinking and practical experience in the application of knowledge gained, develop personal and business skills through placement and project activities.

Rationale For The Course

By studying for this course, you will gain essential foundational knowledge of a subject areas that will prepare you for your degree. After you graduate from university, there is an increasing demand from employers for graduates, who has an essential skill of being adaptable, creative, working as a team and problem-solving skills and ready for challenging modern workforce.  Therefore, our course is aiming to create future leaders, who are innovative, adaptable, and ready for the diverse global challenges.

At Kingsley we believe people should be given the opportunity to succeed at university.  New Beginnings is a unique course that offers access to many degree programmes for mature learners and those without formal qualifications. Also if you have gained disappointing A level graduates we can help you to achieve a University suited to you. The course is designed to accommodate busy schedules and is taught online.  You will receive lots of support to help you succeed.

On successfully completion of the Access to HE course you will be able to progress onto selected degrees at our University Partners.

Our completion of course  will be able to:

You will  develop your personal, work and academic skills, including how to be an effective learner by identifying personal strengths and understanding the expectations of higher education.

  • think critically and engage in higher level conversations
  • write academically, including understanding the conventions of traditional essays and modern reflective writing styles
  • use academic conventions to acknowledge sources of information


  • Admission Preparation
  • Career Advice
  • Digital impetus and skills
  • Fees and Funding
  • Lectures, Seminars and Workshops
  • University ranking

Teaching And Learning Approaches

The delivery will consist of Four components:

  • Lecture Session

  • Tutorial Session

  • Practical Session

Lecture Session

Lectures will be of a maximum duration of 3 hours (with a 10–15-minute break during the period) the purpose of a lecture is to provide key information to the students for the subject being taught.

On occasions, lecture exercises are used which require course participants to become actively involved in “learning by doing”, let students take active part in discussing related current topics.

Tutorial Session

Tutorials will be provided through case studies for the students to further discuss and/or undertake the topics previously covered in the lecture sessions. Students will be given video/written case studies after each lecture topic and work in groups.

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